Green Smoothies


1) 1 cup frozen leafy greens: I prefer spinach (chopped is cheapest), but you can also use kale or collard greens.

2) 1 cup sparkling naturally-flavored water:  From whole foods, I like strawberry, lemon raspberry, and citrus.

3) splash of lemon juice (optional)

4) chia seeds or ground flax meal (optional)

5) Frozen berries (optional)

6) full-fat Greek yogurt (optional; non-paleo)


1) Put all of the ingredients into a blender and add as much or as little water as you want to it.

2) Blend and drink!

Note #1: I started drinking these smoothies with both fruit and Greek yogurt.  After a while, I started focusing on eating more paleo and more low-carb, which meant goodbye to both the yogurt and the fruit.  However, I didn’t do this all at once, because I think the shift would have been so drastic that I would have hated what I was drinking.  Now I can drink these green smoothies and really enjoy the taste even though I know my friends who never drink them would hate them.  So I just slowly phased out the yogurt and fruit; I went from having a cup of berries in my smoothies, to half a cup, then a quarter cup, etc.  It’s surprising 1) how much you will eventually enjoy the smoothies without them (maybe it’s the energy boost?), and 2) how much flavor even just a small handful or a few berries gives a smoothie.  I used to think I would need a whole cup of fruit, but now I realize that’s not necessary.

Note #2: I started drinking these because I don’t really enjoy eating spinach and kale and yet they are so amazingly good for you.  This has been an amazing way to get these foods into my body without having to suffer through a spinach salad.


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